MUDA Launch of ‘The Deal Room’ a Pan-continental OTC desk

2 min readAug 27, 2021

MUDA, an established cryptocurrency OTC desk, is announcing the launch of The Deal Room; Pan-continental OTC desk. MUDA has been in operation in East Africa since 2019 and this development will give clients the ability to transact across several African and international locations and currencies. The Deal room has been designed to help its B2B clients that mainly consist of P2P traders and businesses that carry out cross border trade with access to quick and easy transactions. Customers will gain access to the service through the website and get served by a dedicated desk operator who will set them up with their own Deal Room for transactions.

The OTC desk is currently processing over $2million in daily volume, providing users with access to deep liquidity across multiple African currencies in order to enable them to easily access large amounts of crypto using local currencies and payment methods such as mobile money, cash and bank transfers at affordable rates. Some of the already active locations include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Burundi, South Africa, Dubai, Ivory coast, Zambia and Congo.

The expansion of the pan-continental OTC desk comes weeks ahead of the launch of the up coming online exchange and token sale. The Managing Director of MUDA Suleiman said;

“We have been working very hard in the background trying to push the crypto space forward because we strongly believe that it will generate a lot of opportunities for the youth to generate sustainable incomes and wealth .” He added, “We are glad to see the community right behind us on this journey as we continue to expand our reach.”

Muda’s mission is to empower its users through decentralised assets by providing the tools to enable them to leverage blockchain technologies to their advantage.

interested traders can access our the deal room here and get started in minutes.