NFT Giveaway Press Release

1 min readAug 23, 2021

Muda launched an NFT giveaway campaign worth $5000 from the Uganda national museum digital art collection to get the community more involved ahead of the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace.

The giveaway was won by @nftgoods on twitter who was elated by the opportunity and said;

“Thank you so much Muda for choosing me. That means a lot to me. I’m so excited, Muda is the best.”

He added that people should check out the Muda project.

The Muda director, Suleiman Murunga handed the winner the grand prize during the launch of the NFTs and emphasised the need for community members to engage with Muda products to enable them achieve success in the decentralized digital asset economy.

Muda has some upcoming announcements that will give the community a glimpse into the product roadmap going forward in order to get the community more involved with the company mission.