The AfroKingz NFTs Postponed

2 min readNov 24, 2021


MUDA would like to inform the NFT community that the Afro Kingz NFT project that was scheduled to be released on 22nd November 2021 will be released at a later date due to smart contract auditing & technical verification. The new date of release will be announced on our social channels.

All stakeholders should be assured that the project is in its final stages and the team is working to release the NFTs as fast as possible.

MUDA would also like to inform the stakeholders that the delay is due to the need to get the NFTs to the right community and not in the hands of hackers and bots, as such we are working on verifying the smart contracts and implementing new security features for the Afro Kingz NFTs.

Furthermore, we are informing the general public that we shall be minting the NFTs on Polygon network, contrary to earlier communication to lower the prices of gas fees. The price of the AfroKingz NFTs will be 16 MATIC, as opposed to earlier communication of 0.006ETH.

We shall continue to build the whitelist for the first 1000 soldiers drop as we grow the project, brand and build the AfroKingz community. Do not forget to submit your wallet address to be whitelisted and stand a chance to win a free Afro Kingz NFT on our next drop.

Long Live the King who rules them all!