What are AfroKingz NFTs??

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


The AfrokingzNFT is a type of Digital Token or Asset, think of it as a Digital Trading card or collectible. Whenever you buy an NFT, you are buying rights to that specific asset, it cannot be changed once it is created. This is a token that you will own and will not change with time.

The AfrokingzNFT is a piece of data that will be owned by your Wallet Address and is unique to you, this piece of data can be verified on the blockchain and can then be bought and sold by other people who deem it to be very useful like in this case, the Soldier NFT will be a very useful NFT because it is one of the building blocks for the AfroKingz Universe

A digital Strategy game is going to be a Battle Royale Mobile Game built in the unreal gaming engine and will feature various conquests to be completed on the Map of 8000BC Africa. It will feature various African cultures and the main storyline being the King who will win and rule over other kings in the AfroKingz universe will be launched with the sale of the final KingzDAO Tokens on www.muda.exchange

Why buy the AfrokingzNFT?

A lot of people are buying NFTs as collectibles in the Investment category and here are some of the reasons why we believe you should buy the AfroKingzNFT

Be The First and Scarcity: Just like how Bitcoin being the first crypto currency gives it value, the first set of NFTs to be created and owned over the first 5–7 years of NFTs will also have a lot of value in the future, They quickly gain popularity and gain value. There will only be 15000 AfroKingzNFTs and this create scarcity just as bitcoins will eventually reach a limit on how many can be mined.

Real World Utility: These the real world benefits of the AfrokingzNFT, and these include; Voting Rights on the kingzDAO Treasury, access to the Kingz Community and passive income using NFT staking on the MUDA NFT Engine. Think of the Monalisa, anyone can have a copy but only one Museum has the original by Leonardo Davinchi and displays it for the world and charges money for you to see it.

Ownership History: Having a collectible that was previously owned by a famous person gives it a lot of value and because the NFT token can be tracked on the blockchain, it shows clearly the Owners history and thus build the credibility of the NFT

How to buy the AfroKingzNFT?

Purchasing the AfroKingzNFT will require you to have a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask and since the AfrokingzNFTs have been deployed to a cheaper transaction fee blockchain named Polygon, you will have to install Polygon Blockchain into your Metamask. Please refer to our earlier video on How to add MATIC, which is the Polygon Blockchain token, onto your Metamask.

Here are 4 most commonly used NFT Exchanges that you can use to buy and sell the AfroKingzNFT; opensea.io, app.rarible.com, niftygateway.com, superrare.co. You will need to create an account in those platforms or just connect you crypto wallet. You can actually bid or buy directly the AfroKingzNFT and if you win. it will be added to your wallet address which you can use to play in the Afrokingz universe.

How to store Your NFT?

Your NFT will be stored in your Wallet and the best way to secure your NFT from loss and theft is to store it in a hardware wallet such as the ledger Nano.


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